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Take the key concepts that you learned in the 811 Pro training back to your organization with our downloadable educational assets.


Pre-marking your job site is the first step in the 811 process. It’s simply outlining the boundaries of your project with white paint, flags, or stakes so that the responding utility companies can clearly see your work area and mark their lines.

On average, we notify 8 different utility companies for each 811 ticket and keeping track of those responses can be tough. Electronic Positive Response makes it easy by collecting our utility company's responses in one place. Grab your ticket number and click the link below to check your ticket status. 

Additional Homeowner/DIY Resources

  • STEP 1


    Pre-mark the boundaries of your jobsite in white paint or flags

  • STEP 2

    Contact 811

    Call 811 or submit your ticket online

  • STEP 3


    Wait the required time for the utility companies to respond

  • STEP 4


    Confirm that utility companies notified by USA North 811 have all responded

  • STEP 5


    Dig safely & respect the marks


Submit a Ticket Online

Our Online Ticket Program allows you to submit and manage all your tickets online. Select your state below to get a ticket.


What's the risk?

This short video illustrates the risks involved by digging without contacting 811. 


Digging in Southern California?


Digging in another state other than California or Nevada?


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