The 811 Pro "Stories from the Field" series gives viewers an inside look at the different stakeholder groups that are involved in the 811 process. Learning the perspectives of those 'on the other side of the ticket' can help us understand and overcome the challenges we all face in the industry. Hear from regulators, locators, excavators and many others. New Stories are being added all the time, so be sure to check back soon. Interested in having your Story told? Reach out to us: Talk to an 811 Pro.

ep000 Stories from the Field trailer
ep001 Grimmway Farms

Brysen Nixon gives us a peek into the Ag industry and what it's like excavating near large transmission lines in and around their fields.

ep002 Surviving a Line Strike

Cliff Meidl's Story: A look into the incredible journey of USA Olympian Cliff Meidl. Surviving an Electric Line Strike that nearly took his life, Cliff discusses what happened, how it could have been prevented, and what we can all learn from his brush with death.

ep003 Public Utilities Commission of Nevada

Craig Rogers gives us a look at the PUCN and their mission to keep underground infrastructure safe in the state of Nevada.

ep004 Las Vegas Paving

Scott Allen shows us some of the challenges they face while completing large scale excavation projects in the state of Nevada.

ep005 PG&E's Dig-in Reduction Team

Frank Grgurina shows us how PG&E's Dig in Reduction Team (DiRT) works with Excavators to prevent damages to their underground utilities.