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Take the key concepts that you learned in the 811 Pro training back to your organization with our downloadable educational assets.


Pre-marking your job site is the first step in the 811 process. It’s simply outlining the boundaries of your project with white paint, flags, or stakes so that the responding utility companies can clearly see your work area and mark their lines.

On average, we notify 8 different utility companies for each 811 ticket and keeping track of those responses can be tough. Electronic Positive Response makes it easy by collecting our utility company's responses in one place. Grab your ticket number and click the link below to check your ticket status. 

AdditionalContractor Resources


Online Ticket training & sign up

Our Online Ticket Program allows you to submit and manage all your tickets online. This training video will teach you how to use the program and submit multiple types of locations.


Submitting point locations video

Learn more about submitting Point Locations on our Online Ticket Program. Point Locations are used to describe work at a single point like planting a Tree or installing a Utility Pole.


Submitting continuous locations video

Learn more about submitting Bounded Area Locations on our Online Ticket Program. Continuous locations are often used to describe work that starts at a point and extends for a specific distance.


Damage Reporting

Have you damaged an Underground Utility Line? Use the link below to report the damage to the California Dig Safe Board. Make sure to also contact USA North 811 to notify the Utility Operators of the damaged line. 


CGA Best Practices

The Common Ground Alliance outlines best practices for safe digging nation-wide. It is a collaborative resource for the entire Damage Prevention industry.



The Nevada Regional Common Ground Alliance (NRCGA) is a stakeholder group that focuses on reducing excavation damages and educating the public about the Call 811 Before You Dig safety message in the state of Nevada. The NRCGA provides a damage prevention forum to address new challenges and opportunities for safe excavation.



The California Regional Common Ground Alliance (CARCGA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit mutual benefit corporation dedicated to ensuring public safety, environmental protection, and integrity of underground services in California. CARCGA is a Regional Partner of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA). Through the effective promotion of CGA’s damage prevention best practices, CARGCA boasts participation from a variety of stakeholders including but not limited to utility operators and professional excavators.


Digging in Southern California?

DigAlert serves as the 811 notification center for Southern California. 


Digging outside of California or Nevada?